A Winning Real Estate Strategy for Completing a Real Estate Sale

In the realm of a real estate sale, it is not uncommon for buyers and sellers to adopt an adversarial mindset. Unfortunately, this behavior can prove detrimental to the success of the transaction, as both parties may become fixated on “winning” at the expense of the deal itself. It is important to bear in mind that the ultimate aim of a real estate sale is to close the deal with a successful transfer of ownership, and that the failure to achieve this objective represents a loss for all involved.

So how can you win and keep things civil?

Sellers: Be thoughtful and reasonable. Price your home to appeal to buyers and get stronger offers. Make your home easy to show to working buyers. Be flexible about showing times, especially on short notice. Put your pets in the kennel. Keep your home show-ready (clean and neat) so buyers can really see what they’re buying.

Respond quickly to requests for repairs and get the work done as soon as possible. Return calls or texts from your real estate professional quickly.

Don’t take offense at low offers. Simply counter the offer with your reasons why you feel the home is priced correctly through your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional.

Buyers: Don’t ridicule the seller or their home on Instagram or when asked for feedback; the price won’t improve. Be on time and respect sellers’ property for showings. Leave small children with a sitter for showings to minimize distractions. Schedule appraisals and inspections as soon as the contract is signed.

Apply for your mortgage loan immediately and let your real estate professional know when you’re preapproved and for what amount. If you do this in advance of shopping for a home, you have the advantage over other buyers that you’re vetted by a lender.

The key is courteous communication with everyone. 

Article Courtesy of Talking Real Estate BHHS

… and always ask yourself, how are you living?

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